The Merc

Mercedes-Benz 450SLC

For the past 15 years this 1975 450SLC has proudly belonged to my Dad and Audrey. They bought the Merc after seeing it in the street and thinking what a stunner it looked. Interesting how we choose cars isn’t it? You can get all technical and analyse the pros and cons of a purchase, or you can see something and go, “Yep, that one.”

Now to be honest I’ve never been a big Benz fan… but I really like this one. The body shape is one I immediately identify as Mercedes – but then I guess it’s had plenty of time to form that association as apparently the SL spanned 18 model years without one body panel change! 1972-1989! Can you believe it?

Anyway, here’s a few pics that turned out alright – thanks for looking!


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