Tangerine dream!

Julians' Tangerine

I can’t even start talking about this 1970 Datsun 1600 without first mentioning the colour …what a blinder! I’ve known this cars owner (Julian) for most of my life and apart from a brief torrid affair with a Mk1 Ford Escort, have seen his enthusiasm for 1600’s grow steadily over a period of 25 years. He calculates that he’s owned about ten 1600’s to date, going… not going… picked apart for parts to get others going… and then gone. This one seems to be hanging on to him though…

Still fitted with the standard engine (no mods) it had been sitting stagnant for five years waiting to become a spare shell for a rally racing fella – hence the brilliant colour choice! As Julian’s a big fan of the community atmosphere that surrounds club day events, he got it running and roadworthy with his intention being to turn it into a club day car – his very own ‘café racer’!

Anyway, Ju was more than happy to take me location scouting through the backstreets of Hobart in return for some photos of his ‘tangerine dream’ …and here they are! We were both pretty happy with the results.



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