…neun, zwei, acht!

1987 Porsche 928 S4

I like 928’s, if asked to name my favourite Porsche then I pick this one. As a teenager in the 1980’s this is the model that I identified Porsche with. Take ‘Risky Business‘ for example …forget Tom Cruise in his underwear, the image that’s burned on my brain is the gold 928 he drives in the movie.

Stuart’s the current owner of this rare 1987 928 S4 manual. It’s not the first 928 he’s owned either, having previously driven “…for 12 awesome years!” a blue 1982 928 S auto.


I was pretty chuffed to have the opportunity to take a few pics of it plus get taken for a spin (in what was the fastest production car in the world in 1987!) …and for a nearly 30 year old car it still gets a move on! Gotta love that rumbling V8!

Stuart’s made some minor changes, swapping the original Fuchs wheels for some 18 inch Cayman rims and also replacing the wing mirrors with 928 GTS Aero mirrors – preferring the looks these changes bring to the overall aesthetic of the car.

As far as his car history goes there’s been a few other Porsches along the way including a 931 Turbo – sold to purchase a 1966 911 race car which he’s been building for the last 3 years.



And as if his time wasn’t taken up enough with his ongoing 911 build and upkeep of his 928, he’s also in the midst of prepping his BMW 323 race car for this years Baskerville Historics event …phew.



Thanks for your time Stu, hope you enjoy seeing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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