Baskerville Historics 2016


In brief, it’s the Mini’s fault. Basically, I love them and to see (and hear) them race was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss out on.

Multiple races spread over three days out at Baskerville Raceway? …sounds like an interesting and varied weekend of racing to me! Run and maintained by Motorsports Tasmania, the raceway is great for spectators. It’s nestled in a ‘natural amphitheatre’ – which means you can park your car on the hill and enjoy a full view of the entire track. As this was the first time I’d been to the event I got a bit (make that very) caught up in the racing atmosphere. I spent way too much time chattin’ and not enough time snappin’! …but next year? Well, next year I’m serious.

So until then (when I’ll do a more detailed blog about this event), have some Minis.


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