A Hillclimb …and a Ferrari

For the past 15 years Hobarts’ Queens Domain has played host to the Domain Hillclimb. Organised by Club Motori Italia, this hillclimb/time trial is open to all who hold a CAMS licence and are a member of a CAMS affiliated car club. Now, for some reason I’ve always found out this event was on after it had run. So this year I was keen to save the date.

I’ll admit that as much as I enjoy watching cars go screaming up a hill, my main reason for going this year was a bit of a selfish one …photography practice. I wanted to have a crack at catching a car through trees – you know, the ol’ pre-focusing and panning lark? Anyway, it’s harder than you think! …but a lot of fun too.

Before I left I made sure to grab some shots of the course car for the day – my favourite Ferrari of all, the 308GTS (…ahh thank-you Magnum). I got to chat to owner John for a bit who let me have a good look inside the car – a Ferrari first for me, what a treat! – and to be honest I went a bit ‘fangirl’ over it because, you know …it was red …it was lovely …it was parked like a present under a tree …just like Christmas. Yeah, you get the picture.

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