A tad of Targa Tas

1961 Volvo 122S

Targa Tasmania hit its 27th year running this week …and I still remember stopping work (along with the rest of the town) and watching the cars pass by during it’s first event back in ye olde 1992, sheesh! Funny that, having the whole town come to a stop just to watch some cars. Guess it was a bit of a novelty at the time – pretty sure I wasn’t thinking I’d still be watching the event in 2018, yikes! …hmmm, actually ‘watching’ is a loose term to use because Targa Tas has always been tricky to navigate if you’re a spectator. It’s a matter of picking a Leg (or Stage) and deciding whether you want to see the start …or the finish …or wether you can find your way to a spot on the course that you can also get out of again (without having to wait hours for the road to re-open) …I guess if you’re dedicated you’ll find a way. Afraid to say my dedication ended last year after sitting in a paddock for a millennia trying to get ‘the perfect shot’, yep …enough!

Sooooo, this year my brother and I decided to head down South to the start of the (Leg 6) Cygnet stage. Gotta say that the weather combined with the drive down was pretty awesome. One of the highlights for me was witnessing an oncoming fleet of classic Mini’s crest the hill from Kettering on their way (between stages) to Nicholls Rivulet Rd – yiewww! The start of the Cygnet leg was pretty neat with the landscape putting on a show that rivalled the cars at one point! Distraction aside I did manage a few stationery car shots, giving me an opportunity to get some exposure measuring practice in. Actually I put the camera down after a while and just enjoyed hanging out with my bruv, talking about how we’d like to stop spectatin’ and start participatin’!

So yeah, maybe next year eh? Targa 2019? We shall see. In the meantime, here’s some pics…




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