The Willson Minis

Collector feature / CCUK July 2018 Edition


I’m actually still pinching myself about this shoot. To get the chance to meet Tasmanian Mini racing legends James and Daniel Willson plus their lovely parents Gary and Carolyn was pretty neat in itself …but to top that off with the treat of photographing the Willson family’s current Mini collection for the July 2018 issue of Classic Cars (UK) Magazine? Well, to say I was a bit excited is an understatement! …I was also nervous as all heck too, as I’m on a continual learning curve in regards to automotive photography and working with publications. Classic Cars magazine though… eeeeeek!!  So chuffed to be given the opportunity!

In brief, the day consisted of lots of snaps, lots of chats, bits of rain and some pretty nice sandwiches. Plenty of stories to be told too… (but you’ll have to grab a copy of the magazine to read those, hehee!)

I’d like to say a big thanks to the Willson family, the witty wordsmith Mr. John Dean, the super fresh Nat Mendham (who saved my bacon by lending me her tripod) and everyone at CCUK.

In the meantime here’s some extra ‘from the day’ pics of the collection for you all… as always, cheers for looking!

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