Baskerville Historics 2018

Baskerville Historics 2018

Heritage Touring Cars

If you’ve seen some of my previous blog posts about this event then you’ll know that it’s all about the Mini for me. To watch those little crackers pfffftting around Baskerville Raceway in their very own ‘Mini Only’ race is my highlight of the day. I honestly can’t explain my attachment to them, they’re just… yeah, let’s move on before this turns into another Mini adoration post! …in fact, how about we send some of that adoration onto another subject? …like, let’s say a certain Bathurst and ATCC winning Ford Sierra raced by Australian motorsport legend Dick Johnson?

Yes… welcome to my world people! The Dick Johnson and John Bowe racing partnership that started in 1988 and continued for 11 years is when I really got interested in motorsport. The DJR Ford Sierra Cosworths decked out in their red Shell livery is the image I identify with Australian Touring Car Championships and to get the opportunity to see (and hear) Johnsons’ famous No.17 Sierra race again was super exciting for me!

As I was firing off shots of the Sierra doing the laps of Baskerville Raceway during the Heritage Touring Cars event, I couldn’t help but compare it to the last time I’d tried to capture the car through my camera. It was at Symmons Plains Raceway and I think it was 1992… I remember stumbling around the track with only 2 rolls of Fujifilm 400 (yep film folks, film!), crossing my fingers that my panning shots of the Sierras had worked (they hadn’t …ohhh the disappointment!) and having a fan girl moment over seeing Dick Johnson for real. Ahh yes, all those memories resurfaced over seeing one car! Fortunately the shots I took this time around made up for my failure of ’92. Finally …after 26 years …closure! 

…and just as a bonus, I actually found my film negatives from ye olde 1992! So here you go, the real deal.

Anyway, I had a great daysoooot! I ran into the Willson family, out in force and ready to drive their Minis in the Baskerville Classic Sprints, plus (thanks to Gary Willson) had the pleasure of meeting former BMC Australia race driver and winner of  the 1966 Bathurst 500 Mr. Bob Holden – what a gentleman, 85 years of age and still racing! The Willsons are the owners of a replica of Bob and co-driver Rauno Aaltonen’s Bathurst winning Mini Cooper S. The car was on show at Baskerville for the weekend, so when Gary asked for some photo’s of Bob with the car I was happy to oblige – love it when chance meetings turn into opportunities! …ANNND on that note I think it’s time to stop writing and let the photo’s tell the rest of the days story.

As always, thanks for looking!




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