Showing up


So I’ve come to the conclusion that car shows… aren’t really that great for me photography wise. I always come away disappointed with my shots, nothing really stands out or looks ‘special’ to me – I start analysing everything… How can I make my images look different? How do I get around the crowd? How can I isolate a car from the others around it? What ‘new angles’ could I use? …and so on.

Last weekend I decided I’d tackle Geeveston’s ‘Wheels in the Park’ Car and Bike Show. Now in it’s 7th year running it’s quite a large gathering promising a varied collection of vehicles and motorbikes – it sounded like a good opportunity to figure out what exactly my photography expectations are!

The day itself was great – weather was good, people were happy, food was tasty and wheels were many! Ran into people I hadn’t seen for years who all had plenty of stories to tell… I’m always up for hearing another chapter in someones biography!

Listening to peoples’ tales got me thinking about relationships, specifically the relationships some of us form with our cars. I’ve talked in an earlier post about how I love finding out about the history between owner and vehicle …I think that’s mostly why I struggle at car shows, it’s usually so busy that it can be hard to track the owner down for a chat. As a result my photography suffers as I then end up taking rushed shots of the car as soon as there’s a gap around it. Ideally I’d like to have a chat about ‘the wheels’ with the hope of arranging to photograph it in a less crowded environment – ahh, networking! Easier said than done though, right?

I came away from the day still feeling frustrated with the photography side of things, however, did find some images that I thought turned out alright. Car shows are a work in progress …and I’ll keep practising! As always, cheers for looking!

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