Targa Fest 2019

Targa Fest 2019 / Mac 2, Hobart TAS

Targa Tasmania is a week long tarmac rally held annually in my home state of Tasmania. The tour starts in the North of the state gradually winding it’s way down South to finish up in Hobart. It can be a tricky event to be a spectator at (something I’ve talked about in a previous Targa post), so to give people the opportunity to get up close to the cars the organisers put on a ‘Targa Fest’ …get all the competing cars together in one spot. It’s basically a car show.

Now, I don’t always check this event out but I decided to go along to the Hobart gathering this year with my camera and two young nephews in tow …and I’m glad I did because otherwise this would’ve been the first year in a long time that I would’ve had no Targa photo’s to show (being sick’s frustrating isn’t it? Even more so when it coincides with something you’ve been looking forward to!)

This years Hobart venue was Macquarie Wharf No.2 Shed – in itself a darn cool space. The cars looked great under the lights, loads of reflection and mingling peeps to contend with from a photography point of view… so I gave it a go, deciding to ramp my ISO up to see what results I could achieve using the spotlights (set up outside) and the buildings own lighting (inside) as my only illumination source (hey, you’ve gotta try these things!)

…and like I said earlier, I’m glad I did! Because as it turned out, I felt rotten by the Saturday and even though I trudged out to see the Longley stage I ended up cutting it short and heading home – only snapping a few iPhone shots as I left… ahh well. There’s always next year! In the meantime, here’s a few edits from the night at Mac 2 – a bit different from my usual ‘look’ but I kinda like how they turned out.

As always, thanks for looking!

2 Comments on “Targa Fest 2019

  1. More great photos! I like your using only the buildings lighting source. Quite a challenge and it paid off!
    Love your blog!


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