Hey hello, my name’s Max and frankly, I’m rubbish at writing about myself …I do love taking photo’s though, especially of the automotive kind. So if you’re reading this then I’m guessing you’ve had a look through my images (cheers for that!) and want to know a bit more about me – so I’ll tackle ‘me’ in point form,

1. I’m actually a Maxine – so yeah, not a bloke

2. Mk1 Ford Capri ownership has been on my Christmas list since 1989

3. I have an unexplainable affection for old Land Rovers

4. I’m based in Hobart, Tasmania – the island state of Australia

5. I started this website because I got sick of people asking me why I hadn’t got one

6. …I’m pretty straight forward really

(I’m sure there’s a 7, but how’s that so far?)


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