TyreReview at Baskerville Raceway

Thur, 1 Mar, 2018.

Message reads: Max! Would you like to come out to a shoot I’m doing for Tyre Review tomorrow morning at Baskerville at sparrow fart o’clock? Shooting 2-5 cars, probably be done by 10:30… keen?

Condensed version of my reply: Yes.

Here are my faves for your delectation…



Tyre Review are an independent tyre reviewer, steadily building an on-line database of tyre information with the help of reviews from Mr & Mrs General Public …wa-hey! Pretty neat if you ask me, check ’em out here!


…one for the Rove!

Rove the Land Rover

It’s a looker isn’t it? Meet Rove, a 1982 Stage 1 V8 Land Rover. Currently the face of owner Lukas’ on-line store Landy VibesRove continues to be tweaked, modified, driven, used as a tent, climbed on, waved at by strangers and photographed …all while being fed a liquid diet of “…any old shit!” Ahhhmazin’!

Anyway, I got the chance to meet Rove when Lukas offered to help out on a recent photo shoot (…more on that later) and am stoked to say that I can now tick ‘standing on an expedition rack atop a Land Rover to take a photo’ off my bucket list – yay! Even though this particular trip was not about Rove, I did manage to snap a few quick iPhone pics towards the end of the afternoon …such a cracker, I loved it – dings’n’all!


Northern Rovers

LR Series l's 86"

Launceston based freelance writer and all round nice bloke John Dean is also a mad keen Land Rover owner and enthusiast. Currently in his Northern kingdom are a continually growing collection of Series 1’s …his camo cracker of a daily driver Series 3 …and (my personal favourite) a ’74 two door Range Rover.

I decided a recent trip ‘up North’ to accompany John on a shoot for a future LRO article (more on that at a later date…) would also be the perfect opportunity to check out his collection.

Here’s a few snaps… I think I could’ve stayed in that paddock forever, thanks Mr. Dean!





A Hillclimb …and a Ferrari

For the past 15 years Hobarts’ Queens Domain has played host to the Domain Hillclimb. Organised by Club Motori Italia, this hillclimb/time trial is open to all who hold a CAMS licence and are a member of a CAMS affiliated car club. Now, for some reason I’ve always found out this event was on after it had run. So this year I was keen to save the date.

I’ll admit that as much as I enjoy watching cars go screaming up a hill, my main reason for going this year was a bit of a selfish one …photography practice. I wanted to have a crack at catching a car through trees – you know, the ol’ pre-focusing and panning lark? Anyway, it’s harder than you think! …but a lot of fun too.

Before I left I made sure to grab some shots of the course car for the day – my favourite Ferrari of all, the 308GTS (…ahh thank-you Magnum). I got to chat to owner John for a bit who let me have a good look inside the car – a Ferrari first for me, what a treat! – and to be honest I went a bit ‘fangirl’ over it because, you know …it was red …it was lovely …it was parked like a present under a tree …just like Christmas. Yeah, you get the picture.

Seeing Double

1962 Mk2 Jaguar

I was fortunate to catch a few minutes chat with Mr. Wayne Double, the owner of this beautifully restored (by Wayne himself!) 1962 Mk2 Jaguar during this years Baskerville Historics event. Even though our conversation was brief his admiration for the Jag was evident and he was happy to accommodate me snapping off some shots before he headed out onto the racetrack.

My Dad and Mom owned a Mk2 for a short time in the 1960’s and they both list the car as one of their favourites, so I would’ve loved to have had more time to look over this one. As it was though …I was pretty taken with it!

So, thanks so much for your time Wayne …hope you like the shots!

Baskerville Historics 2017 …the MINI’s!

Baskerville Historics 2017

On yer marks …Mini’s!

Get set …5 laps of Baskerville Raceway

GO! …Winner takes home the Chris ‘ Kit’ Ellis Memorial Trophy

But guess what? Amid all my excitement of watching, listening and trying to catch them through my lens, I don’t actually know who won  …ahhh well. They’re all winners in my book – little fire crackers, bless’em! Watching the Mini’s race is my favourite part of the Baskerville Historics weekend …my favourite by far!

Here’s some pics…


Baskerville Historics 2017

Baskerville Historics 2017

Held over the weekend of the 23rd & 24th of September, this years Baskerville Historics event was something I’d been looking forward to for ages …because, as I’d said in my blog post from 2016, “…next year I’m serious!”

I headed out to Baskerville Raceway on the Sunday. The weather on the day was great and I was looking forward to (hopefully) catching some neat race shots. As per last year the atmosphere in and around the pits was buzzing. I stumbled across lots of friendlies, all happy to share their stories (for example check out Waynes’ MK2 Jag), plus was stoked that this year I was in the right place to see the Mini Cooper’s get ready for their 5 laps of awesome! (…of which you can marvel at their awesomeness in a separate blog post here!)

Anyway, here’s some of my favourite shots from the event – the photos communicate the day waaaay better than I can describe it …hope you enjoy and thanks for looking!