Convicts to Classics 2017

Woolmers Estate

What do you do when you have a birthday? You throw a party, right? …and if you happen to be 200 years old, then you throw a big one! I had a great day up at Woolmers Estate for their Convicts to Classics event, the top weather helped bring in the crowds, the cars and the bikes (what a selection!). The Estate’s grounds and outbuildings were the perfect setting to view everything in,  plus there was also Kitty Martini & the Tom Collins Trio providing an awesome Rockabilly soundtrack …I mean ….honestly, such a good time! I have to say though that there were two highlights for me.

Firstly (from my favourite decade) a 1970 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. Such a beauty. I was actually a bit intimidated by it to be honest. The smell of leather as you opened the door …the chrome …Her Majesty on the dash …it definitely had a presence! Owner Nigel was happy to tell me a little about his history with the car so far and his admiration for it was evident – I love hearing stories! (Actually, maybe that’s something I could explore in future blogs? There’s a thought…)

And secondly, the collection of classic motorbikes on display in the Estate’s old Woolshed. I was pretty chuffed to see an Indian Velo 500 for real, what a rarity! …I loved it inside the Woolshed, perfect setting for the bikes – frankly, I could have spent hours in there.

Anyway, here’s a few shots from the day …Happy 200th Birthday Woolmers!





Defenders of Hobart


I’m on a mission. A mission to photograph every Series Land Rover and Defender in Southern Tasmania …what’s that? …Why? …No idea. My love of old Landies is inexplicable.

Anyway, if you follow my Instagram you’ll already be familiar with my #DefendersOfHobart tag and (bordering on obsessive) pursuit of these iconic vehicles… So hey! Hobart! Know of someone who owns one? Point them in my direction then! I’ve an ongoing project brewin’…

Baskerville Historics 2016


In brief, it’s the Mini’s fault. Basically, I love them and to see (and hear) them race was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss out on.

Multiple races spread over three days out at Baskerville Raceway? …sounds like an interesting and varied weekend of racing to me! Run and maintained by Motorsports Tasmania, the raceway is great for spectators. It’s nestled in a ‘natural amphitheatre’ – which means you can park your car on the hill and enjoy a full view of the entire track. As this was the first time I’d been to the event I got a bit (make that very) caught up in the racing atmosphere. I spent way too much time chattin’ and not enough time snappin’! …but next year? Well, next year I’m serious.

So until then (when I’ll do a more detailed blog about this event), have some Minis.


…neun, zwei, acht!

1987 Porsche 928 S4

I like 928’s, if asked to name my favourite Porsche then I pick this one. As a teenager in the 1980’s this is the model that I identified Porsche with. Take ‘Risky Business‘ for example …forget Tom Cruise in his underwear, the image that’s burned on my brain is the gold 928 he drives in the movie.

Stuart’s the current owner of this rare 1987 928 S4 manual. It’s not the first 928 he’s owned either, having previously driven “…for 12 awesome years!” a blue 1982 928 S auto.


I was pretty chuffed to have the opportunity to take a few pics of it plus get taken for a spin (in what was the fastest production car in the world in 1987!) …and for a nearly 30 year old car it still gets a move on! Gotta love that rumbling V8!

Stuart’s made some minor changes, swapping the original Fuchs wheels for some 18 inch Cayman rims and also replacing the wing mirrors with 928 GTS Aero mirrors – preferring the looks these changes bring to the overall aesthetic of the car.

As far as his car history goes there’s been a few other Porsches along the way including a 931 Turbo – sold to purchase a 1966 911 race car which he’s been building for the last 3 years.



And as if his time wasn’t taken up enough with his ongoing 911 build and upkeep of his 928, he’s also in the midst of prepping his BMW 323 race car for this years Baskerville Historics event …phew.



Thanks for your time Stu, hope you enjoy seeing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Tangerine dream!

Julians' Tangerine

I can’t even start talking about this 1970 Datsun 1600 without first mentioning the colour …what a blinder! I’ve known this cars owner (Julian) for most of my life and apart from a brief torrid affair with a Mk1 Ford Escort, have seen his enthusiasm for 1600’s grow steadily over a period of 25 years. He calculates that he’s owned about ten 1600’s to date, going… not going… picked apart for parts to get others going… and then gone. This one seems to be hanging on to him though…

Still fitted with the standard engine (no mods) it had been sitting stagnant for five years waiting to become a spare shell for a rally racing fella – hence the brilliant colour choice! As Julian’s a big fan of the community atmosphere that surrounds club day events, he got it running and roadworthy with his intention being to turn it into a club day car – his very own ‘café racer’!

Anyway, Ju was more than happy to take me location scouting through the backstreets of Hobart in return for some photos of his ‘tangerine dream’ …and here they are! We were both pretty happy with the results.



It’s Series-ous

Land Rover Series 1 Scale Model

As I was up the East Coast of Tasmania, I decided to pop along to the township of St. Mary’s 10th Community Car & Bike Show. It was the first time I’d attended the event and while there I was stoked to meet and chat briefly with Richard Edmunds about this, his fantastic 5/8ths scale 1950 Land Rover Series 1 that he’d built himself. Yes, you read that right, a 5/8ths scale model of a Series 1 that he built himself over 4 years …and its fully operational! The ingenuity of the man knows no bounds!

Check it out, I was gobsmacked!

The Merc

Mercedes-Benz 450SLC

For the past 15 years this 1975 450SLC has proudly belonged to my Dad and Audrey. They bought the Merc after seeing it in the street and thinking what a stunner it looked. Interesting how we choose cars isn’t it? You can get all technical and analyse the pros and cons of a purchase, or you can see something and go, “Yep, that one.”

Now to be honest I’ve never been a big Benz fan… but I really like this one. The body shape is one I immediately identify as Mercedes – but then I guess it’s had plenty of time to form that association as apparently the SL spanned 18 model years without one body panel change! 1972-1989! Can you believe it?

Anyway, here’s a few pics that turned out alright – thanks for looking!