…one for the Rove!

Rove the Land Rover

It’s a looker isn’t it? Meet Rove, a 1982 Stage 1 V8 Land Rover. Currently the face of owner Lukas’ on-line store Landy VibesRove continues to be tweaked, modified, driven, used as a tent, climbed on, waved at by strangers and photographed …all while being fed a liquid diet of “…any old shit!” Ahhhmazin’!

Anyway, I got the chance to meet Rove when Lukas offered to help out on a recent photo shoot (…more on that later) and am stoked to say that I can now tick ‘standing on an expedition rack atop a Land Rover to take a photo’ off my bucket list – yay! Even though this particular trip was not about Rove, I did manage to snap a few quick iPhone pics towards the end of the afternoon …such a cracker, I loved it – dings’n’all!


Northern Rovers

LR Series l's 86"

Launceston based freelance writer and all round nice bloke John Dean is also a mad keen Land Rover owner and enthusiast. Currently in his Northern kingdom are a continually growing collection of Series 1’s …his camo cracker of a daily driver Series 3 …and (my personal favourite) a ’74 two door Range Rover.

I decided a recent trip ‘up North’ to accompany John on a shoot for a future LRO article (more on that at a later date…) would also be the perfect opportunity to check out his collection.

Here’s a few snaps… I think I could’ve stayed in that paddock forever, thanks Mr. Dean!